April 25th, 2011

Spring Has Arrived

This actually has been the longest Spring I remember here. We had a tornado 10 miles North of us and another two days later 10 miles South of us. We have had a full schedule of shows to break out the new Novice horses and warm up the Non Pros. We are fortunate to have so many Club shows and NCHA and PCCHA within a few hours of us.

We have had a few changes this Spring. Our newest 2 year old colt starter is Clay Damuth from Lakeview, Oregon. He has been doing an outstanding job with a variety of 2 year olds.

Krissy Wilson from Stoneyford (up the hill) found us this Spring also. She has a good understanding of all the horses and is great help. Happy Trails to everyone!!!

February 14thth, 2011

The Month of January

We hope all your New Year's Resolutions are on schedule... I am trying not to be a procrastinator! It is difficult. Lots of luck to you and your show horses. I have updated the show schedule thanks to Tara for organizing it and Scott my webman for posting the info on our webpage. We have a new 2 year old colt starter and all around great guy, Sean Green. He jumped in and has been doing a wonderful job!

We are looking forward to a fun and rewarding show season. We have quite a few new green show horses to get seasoned, so let the show's begin. We made it to a couple of shows in January and had some success' and some not so successful runs, but came away with a better understanding of what needed to be done to prepare them. We hope to see you all down the road. Take care...

December 27th, 2010

The Month of December

Congratulations Gary Thuman on your recent purchase of Oskar The Grouch. Good luck and we will be cheering you on!
Congratulations Peggy Marenco on your recent purchase of Bet On A Freckle. Best of luck and cheers!
Congratulations Dave Ferguson on your purchase of Cats Bandito. We will be watching for you at the "Snaffle Bit".
Congratulations Paul Giles on your purchase of Acey Jay. See ya at the "Cuttings".

July 16th, 2010

The Month of June

Here we are another month flown by. We had a quiet June and stayed home for most of it. There were still quite a few two year olds that needed Mike and Bucks attention. We did go to a day at Echeta Ranch. The facility is first rate and the competition is tough and we felt fortunate to come home with some prize money. We went to our local Shasta Cascade Cutting Club and had a fun day at the Marenco Ranch in Red Bluff. Jason Haefner was the judge and he did a fine job.

June 9th, 2010

The Month of May

May found us in Ogden, Utah at the Western Nationals. The show is a tremendous event for the weekend cutters to show their horses. We had some good runs and some not so good runs. Tara Folsom made it to a finals and ended up splitting 9th and 10th. That won her a shiny new buckle and some money for her first trip to Ogden. Loretta Ray made it to a finals on her good ol' horse Aachen.

Heidi made it to the finals on Dual Misteree where she cut a cow that did not want to play.

Our next cutting in May was at Echeta Ranch in Wilton, Ca. We just played for 2 days. Mike showed Oskar the Grouch in the Open Derby. They were consistent and came home with some winnings. Tara Folsom's new mare Smart and Good Looking won the 1500 Novice Horse on Saturday. Heidi and Dual Misteree won a check on Friday in the 5/6 Non Pro.

That's about all our news for May. Oh yes, Torie turned 24 on May 19 and their was a celebration at a local restaurant attended by many friends. Thanks for checking out our new website created by our son Scott.
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